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Student Store

about 1 year ago

Buy an SVES Student Shirt or Sweatshirt!
Sierra Vista Tshirt

One T-Shirt                                      $10.00
Two T-Shirts                                     $15.00
Three T-Shirts                                  $20.00

One Sweatshirt                                 $17.00
One T-shirt & One Sweatshirt          $25.00
Two T-shirts & One Sweatshirt         $30.00
Two T-shirts & Two Sweatshirts       $45.00
Two Sweatshirts                                $32.00
Three Sweatshirts                              $48.00

Mugs                                                 $5.00

Reminders & Meeting Dates
We are still continuing to collect Box Tops for Education! Help us earn money to buy books for our school's library!
box tops

Our PTO meeting dates will show on the calendar on the main Sierra Vista page!

Want to volunteer?? Come to our PTO office, and sign up to help!